Concurrency, Data Correctness, and Rust

Modern computing architectures have stopped getting
significantly faster than the generations before them. Instead, they are becoming more parallelised. Programs have to split their work over many different processes to fully leverage modern hardware.
But this comes with a lot of problems and hard-to-identify bugs. In this talk we will discuss how thread safety works in principal, what mechanisms the hardware gives us to ensure data correctness, and finally how Rust uses these techniques to make writing "data race" bugs impossible!


  • No previous knowledge necessary
  • Optional: Rust basic, memory layout basics, threading basics


  • Understand how to use Rust to write concurrent data applications while guaranteeing data correctness



Katharina Fey
Katharina Fey is an independent software researcher living in Berlin, focusing their research on distributed networking and routing. They work on a mesh networking platform called Irdest, and also work freelance jobs for companies building distributed systems in Rust. They’ve been an active member of the Rust community since late 2017 and are a member of the CLI working group and community team.


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